Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can my children attend classes at Raven's Roots?
Answer: Raven's Roots courses are age 18+ only.

Question: How large are the classes at Raven's Roots?
Answer: We strive for a healthy student to instructor ratio. Most of our courses will be capped at 10 students.

Question: Will I have to arrange for a place to stay during class weekends?
Answer: Free on-site camping Saturday nights will be available for students when class is held on our campus. Friday night and Sunday night camping can be arranged if it is easier for your transportation needs. When we are traveling and in the field on class weekends, Raven's Roots will reserve campsites in campgrounds at no additional cost to students. If you choose not to camp out, lodging is then the responsibility of the student. We can help you find nearby accommodations if necessary.

Question: Are there tuition payment plans for Raven's Roots Immersion Courses available?
Answer: We try to keep costs down and tuition within the reach of as many people as possible. We are willing to work with our students one on one to help alleviate any anxieties around tuition costs. Monthly or individualized payment plans and even work trade options are available if full tuition payment isn't possible the first weekend of class. Please ask us if you'd like more details.

Question: What are Raven's Roots refund policies?
Answer: Registration fees for short and Immersion courses are non-refundable. Tuition payments are refundable only until the 2nd weekend of Immersion courses.

Question: How do I get to class?
Answer: Travel to and from classes is the students responsibility. You will always be given directions on where and when to meet up with your class. Once on site, Raven's Roots will transport everyone in class out into the field. At times when classes are not meeting on campus, instructors will arrange to meet in a central location like a park and ride and go from there in a school vehicle. It is also possible we might at times arrange to just meet out in the field. We encourage car-pooling if students and instructors are coming from similar locations and Raven's Roots can help coordinate this.

Question: Are there bathrooms available or should we prepare to dig a hole?  What amenities are available to me while I am in class?
Answer:  We have no fear of natural functions here at Raven's Roots.  We will have a bathroom available when we are on our campus and will generally be staying at campgrounds that have facilities when in the field.  There is the possibility that we may end up in situations where such facilities are not available, but in those cases digging a cat hole should be sufficient.

Question: Can we have campfires during class to cook our meals?
Answer: For safety and efficiency, most times expect that we won't have the time or the facilities to safely have fires during our courses. Planning for cold on the go meal for lunch, and bringing along a camp stove to heat meals for your breakfast and dinner would be best. That said, some campgrounds where we stay should have fire pits and grilling grates which could be used for dinners and for hanging out in the evening hours.

Question: What types of supplies should I bring with me to class?
Answer: The answer to this depends upon the course you've signed up for and instructors will be in touch to let you know about specialized or specific items you'll need. Generally though, think about clothing for the weather (including rain gear and wool under-layers), sturdy boots, a hat, a daypack to carry your things in, a notebook and writing utensil, food for your meals, snacks, and water, a camera, binoculars, camping gear, and any field guides you find helpful.

Question: Do I get a certificate for taking Raven's Roots courses?
Answer: Students receive certificates of completion for all of our immersion courses. In addition to a certificate of completion, our Tacking Immersion Course wraps up with a Cybertracker Conservation Certification evaluation in which students will receive a printed certificate if their score merits. Short courses do not have any type of certificates attached to them.

Question: What if the question I have wasn't answered here?
Answer: Please email Raven's Roots at and ask. We will get back to you with an answer and you may find your question added to this very page for others to benefit from.