This packed two day course is focused on "short-term wilderness survival". In this class we will show you what it takes to survive a period of 2 - 5 days in the wilderness with little to no gear.  Our instructors regularly go on staged survival trips and teach from field experience. Wilderness survival is not what it's portrayed to be on television. It's about being safe and conserving energy. In this course we will teach you the tools necessary to approach a survival situation with confidence and the right mindset, how to conserve your energy, and how to prioritize your needs and confront them effectively. 

What makes our survival curriculum unique here at Raven's Root is how we approach it through the lens of a naturalist. By understanding the ecology of your survival location, you more efficiently find food, shelter, warmth and a means for water purification.

These skills can prove to be incredibly valuable in a situation where you're lost, stranded or in a natural disaster. At the very least, you'll leave this course with a greater connection to the natural world around you.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • Survival priorities and how to conserve energy
  • How to build natural shelters, and decide which style is best for your situation
  • The bow drill friction fire method and proper fire construction
  • 3 different methods of water purification
  • Edible plants: how to find them, identify them, and make them edible
  • Medicinal plant identification for basic first-aid
  • Primitive traps for fish, small game and birds

Here is what you'll need: (This course is designed to prepare you for a survive situation, without the stress of actually being in one. Students are expected to bring the clothing and food necessary to keep them warm and energized in class.)

  • A sharp knife (preferably a fixed blade)
  • Meals for 2 lunches, 1 dinner, and a breakfast
  • Water
  • Camping gear
  • Weather appropriate clothing