Stone Tool 6 Day Intensive
Day 1 Introduction to Stone Tool Technologies
8am- Introductions and Lecture: Ethics/Safety/Syllabus
9am- Warm up/Choppers and simple flake tools(Oldowan Technology)
11am- Lecture: Fracture Mechanics
12pm- Lunch
1pm- Fracture Mechanics and manufacture tool choice Cont.
2pm- Percussion Basics (spalling)
3pm- Bifaces
5pm-End Day (I will gladly sit with people all night though)
Day 2 Percussion Continued and Intro to Pressure Flaking
8am-Day 1 recap
830am- Open knap percussion
1pm-Intro to Pressure flaking
2pm-Step by step point reduction
4pm-Notching and open pressure knap
5pm-End Day
Day 3 Stone Tools and Everyday use
8am-Lecture: Humanity's Edge: Simple Tools for Everyday Life
9am-Flake Tools: Burins, Scrapers, Gravers, and Denticulates
1pm- Blade cores and Tools
2pm-Open Knap
5pm-End Day
Day 4 Stone Tools and Hunting
8am- At Latl Manufacture and Creating a Toolkit
9am-Step by Step spear thrower
1pm-Dart manufacture
130pm-Step by step
5pm-End Day
Day 5 The Peck and Grind
8am- Choosing the right stones
9am-Making a Celt, axe, or adze bit
1pm-Finishing projects
5pm-End day
Day 6 Lithics and Survival
8am- Lecture
9am- Survival and glass Workshop
12pm- Lunch
1pm- Open Knap
5pm- End day