Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019
Time: 9am-4pm
Cost: $50
Instructor: Gabe Garms
Location: Raven's Roots Campus

In this one day course, we will cover how to build a comprehensive herbal medicine cabinet using herbs that grow here in the Pacific Northwest.  We'll go over not only how to make the medicines, but also when/where to harvest them, dosages and safety, how to grow them yourself and resources which will help you continue on your journey as an herbalist. Here are the medicines that we'll make and the topics which we'll cover:

  • Medicines: Tinctures, salves, lotions, liniments, poultices, balms, eye washes, syrups, lozenges.

  • Teas, infusions and decoctions and which herbs provide the most benefit.

  • Safety: While herbal medicines are extremely powerful, they can also be dangerous if taken in high dosages.

  • Harvesting: Where to find the herbs, how to harvest and doing it ethically.

  • Harvest Schedule: A handy schedule as to when to harvest each herb at it's peak medicinal value.

  • Growing your herbs at home within a permaculture system.

  • Herbal medicine for kids.

  • Herbal medicine for pets.

The instructor will also be available to you as a resource after the class to help get you over any obstacles that get in your way. Also plan on going home with a few different types of natural medicines to start your home collection. It will be a lot of fun!