Since October of 2016 we've been hosting classes for homeschooling families which meet one day per month (for a few hours each day). All classes take place on weekdays, 10-12, unless otherwise noted. Classes are held both in the Bellingham area and at the Raven's Roots campus in Sedro-Woolley.  This class is all hands-on and students often go home with medicines, plants, fire kits and much more. Topics and dates for some of our past and future classes are listed below.

2017-18 Schedule:

October 25, 2017- at Ravens Roots farm- We'll be building a winter wellness kit in a natural medicine making workshop. We'll create our own herbal healing products from harvest to an end product:  tinctures, vinegars, salves and throat drops.  You will leave the class with at least two products in hand to help ward off common winter ills, including the famous Fire Cider to improve your immunity.   

March 7, 2018-  at Hovander Homestead in Ferndale, WA - We'll be looking at the track and sign of wildlife and studying the language and behavior of the birds. Nearby Tenant Lake is rich with wildlife such as otters, minks, beaver, coyote, hawks, owls and much more. We'll look at their tracks, feeding sign, scat and teach you how to use bird behavior to predict where other wildlife are moving on the landscape.

May 9, 2018-  at Ravens Roots farm-  We'll be studying permaculture at our farm in Sedro-Woolley, WA. We'll taste and learn about different perennial vegetables from around the world that grow in our climate, how permaculture gardens are designed and how to make compost. Families will also go home with a few plants of their choice from our permaculture nursery on site.

July 11, 2018- at Raven's Roots farm- We'll be studying wilderness survival skills. The focus will be on friction fire, shelter building and water purification. The kids will each go home with their own friction fire kit to practice with.


Gabe stays after for all classes, for questions and further discussion.  Families can leave at noon or can plan to stay if desired.   

Please let our class organizer, Tina Martin, know if you have any concerns about: your child using a sharp knife, learning to start fires, learning wild edibles, making a tincture that is alcohol based (tinctures are used in very small quantities and most of the alcohol can be burned off by adding to a hot drink).

For those families who attend all or most of the classes, Gabe would like there to be weekly "home work".   He would like the kids to pick a "sit spot" somewhere close to their home where they can spend some time in nature,  simply observing what they see every week.  Noting any plants or animals, any changes from week to week, new life, new sounds, etc.  (a sort of Walden Pond approach)  Gabe would like us all to share our observations with him, but the logistics of how that would look will be discussed the first week, so that this is a project that works for everyone.   


The classes are appropriate for kids ages 7 and up and their parents.   The price of the class is $15 per participant (parents do need to pay, younger sibs can attend for free). Parents are required to attend with their child unless your child is under the supervision of another attending adult.  It is preferred that parents attend so that learning can continue at home. 

Please feel free to call Tina Martin if you're interested or require more information at 360-734-3134. If email is easier, you can reach her at