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Weekend #3: Fermentation, Plant Propagation and Mushroom Inoculation

Location: Raven's Roots Campus

  • Growing season extension techniques

  • Greenhouse construction and management.

  • Pressing oil from seed. Sustainable oil crops to grow here in the PNW.

  • Make paper using natural fibers.

  • Fermentation workshop. Students make and go home with multiple ferments.

  • Plant propagation from seed (scarification, stratification and using compost teas)

  • Hardwood cuttings from deciduous trees

  • Cottonwood bud harvesting

  • Mushroom inoculation (growing your own at home). We’ll learn multiple methods used here on the farm. Students will go home with inoculated logs.

  • Rocket stove design. Students will make their own rocket stove to take home.