to Jun 19

Weekend #10

Location: Raven's Roots Campus/Field Location

  • Student led plant walk (Given as a group to a public audience which we arrange)
  • Final Project presentations
  • Finding meaningful work in this field
  • Surprise trip 
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to May 29

Weekend #9

Location: Methow Valley (Eastern Washington). Overnight camp.

  • Eastside plant walk
  • Harvest May plants on harvest calendar
  • Propagation - Plant division and layering
  • Beneficial insects/Pests (ID, the plants that attract them and role in ecosystem)
  • Growing mulch plants
  • Permaculture revenue streams
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to Apr 24

Weekend #8

Location: Raven's Roots Campus/Field Location

  • Field location plant walk
  • Laws and regulations for selling herbs and related products
  • Harvest April plants on harvest calendar
  • Plant based products - Part 2
  • Microclimates 
  • Perennial vegetable and medicinal plant guilds
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to Mar 20

Weekend #7

Location: Raven's Roots Campus/Union Bay Natural Area/Seattle Arboretum

  • Plant walk at Union Bay (my sit spot for 3 years)
  • Grafting (we'll be grafting the apple trees in our orchard)
  • Students plant their own guild (on Raven's Roots campus)
  • Advanced medicine making
  • Nursery operation (this time we'll go behind the scenes and look at how one works)
  • Harvest March plants on the harvest calendar
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9:00 AM09:00

Weekend #6

Location: Deception Pass State Park. Overnight camp.

  • Plant walk (Coastal plants)
  • Harvest February plants on harvest calendar
  • Phytoremediation
  • Create and implement your own plant guild (ongoing for personal projects)
  • Transplanting (when/how to do it, understanding transplant shock)
  • Basket making and other utilitarian uses
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to Jan 24

Weekend #5

Location: Raven's Roots Campus and Field Location

  • Growing season extension techniques
  • Propagating plants from seed
  • Harvest January plants on harvest schedule
  • Advanced medicine making
  • Plant based products
  • Plant walk at field location
  • Seed saving - Part 2
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to Dec 20

Weekend #4

Location: Raven's Roots and Field Location

  • Plant progagation (hardwood cuttings)
  • Human physiology 
  • Harvest December plants on harvest calendar
  • Plant walk at field location
  • Botanical terms and plant family identification tips
  • Wildlife attracting plants/trees/shrubs
  • Making menstruums for medicine (oils, apple cider vinegar, glycerine)
  • Pruning (we'll be rejuvenating a neglected apple orchard)
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to Nov 22

Weekend #3

Location: Raven's Roots Campus

  • Soils (building, soil life, mulch crops)
  • Compost teas
  • Composting for both small and large scale systems
  • Harvest November plants on the harvest calendar
  • Seed saving (harvesting and saving of wild seed - medicinals and edibles)
  • Fermentations
  • Making essential oils
  • Small scale aquaponics systems
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to Oct 4

Weekend #2

Location: Southwestern Washington/Northwestern Oregon. Overnight camp.

  • Perennial vegetables
  • Plant walks covering coastal plants/trees
  • Edible seaweeds
  • Medicinal and edible mushrooms (Foraging schedule and cultivating within a food forest)
  • Fall teas/edibles/medicinals
  • Permaculture nursery tour at Raintree Nursery
  • Harvest November herbs on the harvest calendar
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to Aug 30

Weekend #1

Location: Mt. Baker - Heather Meadows. Overnight camp.

  • Introduction to native edible and medicinal plant guilds (tour of a cultivated guild)
  • Wild, native guilds at multiple elevations
  • Annual harvest schedule (outlining our harvests for the entire immersion course)
  • The comprehensive natural medicine cabinet (you'll build your own throughout the year)
  • High elevation plant walks (identification and uses for both humans and wildlife)
  • Processing and storing herbs
  • Medicine making for all skill levels (Hands-on)
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