Golden Sorrel

Latin name: Rumex sp.
Plant Family:  Buckwheat (Polygonaceae)
Lifespan: Perennial
Origin: Many places
Growing: Does well in both sun and partial shade. A small plant grows vigorously and can easily be divided into multiple plants at the end of the growing season. In full sun they produce a large yield throughout the year.
Edibility: The young leaves are excellent eaten raw or cooked with a lemon/citrus flavor. They are one of the first greens available in the garden in the spring so are held with high value on our farm. The flowers are also edible.
Medicinal uses: None that is known.
Permaculture Uses: It's a dynamic accumulator of nutrients and also a great ground cover to help shade out weeds. It's fairly drought tolerant and we use it as a food crop for our chickens.
Price: $5 per plant